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Application scenarios

Automobile industry

Engine box, gearbox, clutch box, steering box, crankshaft, oil accessories, automotive compressor parts, other aluminum die-casting parts.

Mobile industry

TFT module, mobile phone cover glass, sapphire glass, mobile phone backlight, mobile phone camera module, mobile phone shell, mobile phone circuit board, etc.

Display industry

LCD display, semiconductor, lens, spherical mirror, prism, optical glass, etc.

Home appliance industry

Kettle, kitchenware, TV back plate, frame accessories.

Precision metal

Motor stamping parts, computer accessories, clock accessories, PVD pretreatment parts, electroplating pretreatment parts, precision machining parts.

Precision electronics

Electrical components (contactor, air switch, relay, etc.), PCB, electronic shrapnel, electronic packaging tray, etc.

Semiconductor industry

Wafer substrate, chip cutting

Image products

Structural parts, pcba, chip assembly, etc
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